Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board


23-28 Creek Drive


Review application for Site Plan Approval, Mixed Use Development, 23-28 Creek Drive, submitted by 23-28 Creek Drive, LLC (adjourned at request of applicant)


Description Type
23-28 Creek Drive Exhibit A - Images of Premises Backup Material
23-28 Creek Drive Exhibit B - Contract of Sale Backup Material
23-28 Creek Drive Exhibit C - EAF Narrative Full EAF - Signed EAF
23-28 Creek Drive Exhibit D 12-3-18 Resolution_Creek Dr referral(3954651.1) Resolution
23-28 Creek Drive Exhibit H - SWPPP Backup Material
23-28 Creek Drive Exhibit I Traffic Impact Study - Maser Backup Material
23-28 Creek Drive Exhibit J - Application Site Plan Approval Application
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_1_Site Plan_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_2_Existing Conditions Survey_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_3_Site Section Diagram_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_4_Landscape Plan_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_5_Floor Plans_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_6_Renderings_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_7_Grading and Utility Plan_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_8_Erosion and Sediment Control Plan_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_9_Profiles_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_10_Site Details_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_11_Stormwater Details_181225 Plans
23-28 Creek Drive_Sheet_12_Water and Sewer Details_181225 Plans
Planner Review Letter Consultant Comment
1_8_19 PB Submission Ltr - Request for Adjournment from 1_8_19 to 2_13_19 Cover Memo/Letter