Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board


Front Street - Beacon HIP Lofts


Continue review of application for Site Plan Approval (relating to amended Special Use Permit), Artist Live Work/Self Storage, 39 Front Street, submitted by Beacon Lofts & Storage


Description Type
HIP Lofts Cover Letter Cover Memo/Letter
HIP Lofts Site Plan Application Application
HIP Lofts Negative SEQRA Declaration Neg Dec
HIP Lofts ZBA Variance Resolution Resolution
HIP Lofts Planning Board Referral Letter Backup Material
HIP Lofts Special Use Permit Resolution
HIP Lofts Archeological Findings Backup Material
HIP Lofts OPRHP Report Backup Material
Engineer Review Letter Consultant Comment
Planner Review Letter Consultant Comment
HIP Lofts Sheet 1 Site Plan Plans
HIP Lofts Sheet 2 Survey Plans
HIP Lofts Sheet 3 Landscape Plan Plans
HIP Lofts Sheet 4 Building Plans Plans
HIP Lofts Sheet 5 Building Elevations Plans
HIP Lofts Sheet 6 Grading and Utility Plan Plans
HIP Lofts Sheet 7 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Plans
HIP Lofts Sheet 8 Site Details Plans