Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board


850 Wolcott Avenue


Public hearing on application for Site Plan and Subdivision Approval relative to Special Use Permit Approval, private school (Hudson Hills Academy), 850 Wolcott Avenue, submitted by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church


Description Type
850 Wolcott Special Use Permit Resolution
850 Wolcott Comment Response Letter Cover Memo/Letter
850 Wolcott I & I Report Backup Material
850 Wolcott Project Narrative Revised Backup Material
850 Wolcott Sheet 1 Site Plan Plans
850 Wolcott Sheet 2 Existing Conditions Survey Plans
850 Wolcott Sheet 3 Lighting and Landscaping Plan Plans
850 Wolcott Sheet 4 Plans and Exterior Views Plans
Engineer Review Letter Consultant Comment
Planner Review Letter Consultant Comment