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City of Beacon Planning Board


98 Rombout Avenue


Application submitted by Gloria Gamble, 98 Rombout Avenue, Tax Grid No. 30-5954-35-769843-00, R1-5 Zoning District, seeking relief from Section 223-17(C) to rebuild a fire-damaged house on the existing footprint with 1.5 ft. and 7.7 ft. side yard setbacks (10 ft. required); and construct a 12 ft. x 24.5 ft. two-story rear addition with 0.9 ft. and 7.8 ft. side yard setbacks (10 ft. required); and to allow 1,581 sq. ft. of total lot coverage (1,349 sq. ft. maximum is permitted)


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98 Rombout Application Application
98 Rombout EAF EAF
98 Rombout Survey Map