Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board


25 Townsend Street


Continue review on the application for Final Subdivision Approval, 13-lot residential, 25 Townsend Street, submitted by AK Property Holding, LLC


Description Type
25 Townsend Cover Letter Cover Memo/Letter
25 Townsend Sheet 1 Existing Condition and Demo Plan Plans
25 Townsend Sheet 2 Subdivision Plan Plans
25 Townsend Sheet 3 Utility Plan Plans
25 Townsend Sheet 4 Profiles Plans
25 Townsend Sheet 5 Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
25 Townsend Sheet 8 Details Plans
Engineer Review Letter Consultant Comment
Planner Review Letter Consultant Comment
25 Townsend EAF Part 2 EAF
25 Townsend EAF Part 3 EAF
25 Townsend Neg Dec EAF Part 3 Attachment Neg Dec
25 Townsend Street Final Subdivision Plat Approval_ Resolution