Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board




Continue review of application for Site Plan Approval, 7 residential buildings “Edgewater” submitted by Scenic Beacon Developments, LLC, 22 Edgewater Place


Description Type
Edgewater Architect Response Letter Cover Memo/Letter
Edgewater Engineer Response Letter Cover Memo/Letter
Edgewater Sheet 1 Site Plan Plans
Edgewater Sheet 2 Existing Conditions Survey Plans
Edgewater Sheet 3 Landscape Plan Plans
Edgewater Sheet 4 Lighting Plans
Edgewater Sheet 5 Building Plan Plans
Edgewater Sheet 6 Building Plan Typical Floors Plans
Edgewater Sheet 7 5th Floor Plan Plans
Edgewater Sheet 8 Building Elevations Plans
Edgewater Sheet 8A Cross Sections Plans
Edgewater Sheet 9 Building Elevations FLAT Plans
Edgewater Sheet 10 Grading & Utilities Plans
Edgewater Sheet 11 Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
Edgewater Sheet 12 Profiles Plans
Edgewater Sheet 13 Site Details Plans
Edgewater Sheet 14 Stormwater Plans
Edgewater Sheet 15 Water Sewer Plans
6.12.18 PB Submission Cover Letter Cover Memo/Letter
EAF and Narrative Ex 6 EAF
HLD Chart Ex 4 Backup Material
LWRP EX 2 Backup Material
Neg Dec Ex 1 Backup Material
Planning Board Sheet 1_Site Plan_180612 Plans
School Report Ex 10 Backup Material
Slopes Analysis Ex 11 Backup Material
SteepSlopes Law Ex 3 Backup Material
Statement of Consistency Ex 5 Backup Material
SUP Application Form Ex 7 Application
Traffic Report Ex 9 Backup Material
ZBA Resolutions Ex 8 Backup Material
Edgewater Traffic Review Consultant Comment
Planner Review Letter 7.5.18 Consultant Comment
Engineer Review Letter 07-03-18 Consultant Comment
Edgewater Amended EAF Part 2 EAF
Edgewater Amended EAF Part 3 EAF
Edgewater SEQRA Amended Negative Declaration Part 3 Attachment Neg Dec
Edgewater Amended LWRP Consistency Determination Backup Material