Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board


446 Washington Avenue - Fairview Subdivision


Public hearing for SEQRA environmental Review application for Subdivision Approval and Lot Line Realignment, 2 residential lots into 3 residential lots, submitted by Lori Joseph Builders, Inc. & Rina Shuman, 446 Washington Avenue


Description Type
Fairview Cover Letter Cover Memo/Letter
Fairview EAF EAF
Fairview Drainage Report Backup Material
Fairview Pre Drainage Report Backup Material
Fairview Post Drainage Backup Material
Fairview Subdivision Plan Plans
Fairview Site Plan Plans
Fairview Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
Fairview Site Details Plans
OPRHP Response Letter Cover Memo/Letter
Dutchess County Planning Response Cover Memo/Letter
City Council Response Cover Memo/Letter
Planner Review Letter Consultant Comment
Engineer Letter Consultant Comment
Fairview EAF Part 2 & 3 EAF
Fairview Neg Dec Support Documentation EAF