Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board


Wolcott Avenue - West End Lofts


Public hearings to amend an existing Site Plan Approval and Subdivision Approval, West End Lofts, submitted by Kearney Realty & Development Group, Wolcott Avenue  


Description Type
West End Lofts Cover Letter Cover Memo/Letter
West End Lofts Sheets 1-7 Plans
West End Lofts Sheets 8-15 Plans
West End Lofts EAF EAF
City Council Resolution - Waiver Affordable Housing Resolution
Engineer Review Letter Consultant Comment
Planner Review Letter Consultant Comment
Draft Resolution of Amended Site Plan & Subdivision Approval Resolution
Amended EAF Part 2 EAF
Amended EAF Part 3 EAF
Attachment to EAF Part 3 EAF
DC Planning Referral Response Backup Material