Item Coversheet

City of Beacon Planning Board


Wolcott Avenue - "Parcel L"


Application submitted by River Ridge Views, LLC, Wolcott Avenue (a.k.a. Parcel “L”), Tax Grid No.’s 5954-26-637879, 649885 & 630770-00, RD-7.5 Zoning District, seeking relief from Section 223-17(C) to construct a new residential development with buildings that have less than 18.9 ft. between buildings where 70 ft. is required   


Description Type
River Ridge Cover Letter Cover Memo/Letter
River Ridge Application Application
River Ridge Entity Disclosure Form Application
River Ridge Affidavit of Property Owner Application
River Ridge Exhibit A Site Plan Plans
River Ridge Exhibit B Building Elevation Backup Material
River Ridge Exhibit C Backup Material
River Ridge Exhibit D Backup Material